Auto Deployment

4Mata Auto deployment is allows you to provision our web application quickly and easily.

Log in with your tenant credentials using an account that has SharePoint Admin Role or higher. Watch it deploy our application in just under 6 minutes πŸ™ŒπŸ»

We can now request a trial from the Auto deployment engine! Click on "Request trial" and watch it automate the steps for you! 🀯 -Don't forget to tweet about how much time it saved! #4Mata #SharePointOnline #SharePointListFormatting

What will be provisioned?

Site Scope deployment will be available in the next few weeks.

To get started click on the deployment site

  1. Log in with a SharePoint Role or higher permission account

  2. Accept the permissions requested by the app.

4. Click on "Setup Environment." 5. Confirm the acknowledgment. 6. Enjoy your 4Mata in under 6 minutes!

Provisioning Steps (Automatic)

Provisioning will take approximately 6 minutes. Notice that if you go to the site before creation is fully completed, you might cause issues around the provisioning steps. If you wish to deploy the 4Mata site scoped, please follow the manual deployment instructions.

Enterprise Application Removal

Steps for removing App Registration from your enterprise application portal.

pageData Removal

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